Tactician HR

People stuff with pragmatism.

For a long time we've been frustrated by the way traditional 'human resources' is seen so negatively. People really ARE our greatest asset - cliched as that sounds.

We get it - HR doesn't have a great reputation for being business focused, and if you're running a business, that's your priority. We aim to change that.

At TACTICIAN, we're known for our pragmatic, practical development programs that give immediate and behaviour changing results. It's this attitude that we want to bring to all things HR.

Using our decades of HR knowledge and experience, our team offer their expert services for all things people related.

This year particularly, your people have had to pivot quickly and adapt to fast-changing conditions. Leaders have been managing remote teams for the first time and been asked to do things they may never have done before, in an environment they’ve never encountered.

Our HR consulting services provide pragmatic, down to earth solutions to your problems.

If you’re struggling with the people stuff, you can call us for a free, no obligation chat and we’ll be happy to suggest anything we think will help you.



MPT HR:  using the same model as our trademark ‘in the moment’ guidance product, My Personal Tactician, MPT HR provides businesses who don’t have HR with a way of getting quick, pragmatic people advice.

All our Tacticians are experienced, business focused, HR practitioners and are ready and willing to expand their repertoire.



Of course, we haven’t forgotten about development – it’s what we’re known for.

Now, more than ever, your leaders and your culture will be key to your survival. It’s easy to disregard training when things are tough, but actually, it might be pretty important. Take a look at our core programs here, and we would be happy to discuss customisation to suit your business needs.

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