Organisation development. Done differently.

The pace of change is faster than ever before, people are time poor, stakeholder demands are forever increasing, technology advances incessantly and at the same time people are looking for a greater quality of life.

What this all means is that we need support and guidance in the moment.

My Personal Tactician provides membership based professional development when you need it. It’s short, sharp and flexible to fit around your work life to keep you on-track, mentally strong and performing at your best.


My Personal Tactician

Imagine being able to call someone when you have a new challenge at work. Someone who you can have a quick conversation with, so you can get back to getting things done.

With a My Personal Tactician membership, you can.

My Personal Tactician was created by our Directors and Co-founders, Rod and Emma, after three decades working in the industry. While the need for quality professional development has never been greater, they noticed how the current model was failing to benefit professionals to the extent it could.

Professionals continued to struggle with the increased pressure and workload in an attempt to keep up with the constant change and ever-increasing pace of work. There was lot of wasting each other’s time, a lack of immediacy and a lot of expense associated with working with multiple specialists.

My Personal Tactician was created to shake up the industry and redefine professional development.


To give people professional development that allows them to keep up with the pace of today, we’ve developed our own style of development called guidance. All of our Tactician’s deliver guidance and bring a level of candidness and honesty that allows members to achieve deeper insight and develop more quickly.

Guidance is an evolution of traditional coaching methodology combining traditional coaching, mentorship, sharing of experience and advice.

MPT is all about guidance when you need it, from wherever you are. It’s about having easy access to a range of experts, rather than just one. And most importantly, it’s affordable.

A My Personal Tactician membership gives you access to quality guidance when you need it – be it a quick 15-min chat to get your head straight or a longer conversation to work on a career plan.

Connecting with your Tactician over the phone or Zoom, you get quality professional development that is more immediate and fits around your busy life.

Choose to work with one Tactician or draw on the expertise of a range of Tacticians, as your development needs change over time.

When you sign up for a My Personal Tactician membership you receive an allocation of time (Tactician Time Units) with our Tacticians. These can be used however you like, over the course of your 3, 6 or 12-month membership.

Have a stressful meeting coming up and need to get your head straight? Text your Tactician and arrange a 15-min call later that day.

Want to set aside time to talk about career options? Book in a 45-min call next week, when you’ll be in the right headspace.

We match you with a Tactician who will oversee your membership and provide the right guidance based on your needs and preferences. If your needs change, no problem, we’ll draw on the expertise of our network of Tacticians so you get the guidance you need.

You pay for your membership in monthly installments, that are automatically debited from your account, so you have one less thing to worry about. Have questions? Let’s chat.


Membership Options

$299/month $270/member per month $595/month
32 TTU 32 TTU per member 48 TTU
12 month membership 12 month membership 12 month membership
Response within 6 hours Response within 6 hours Response within 3 hours
5% TACTICIAN discount* 5% TACTICIAN discount* 10% TACTICIAN Discount*
Discounted diagnostics Discounted diagnostics Discounted diagnostics
Tools & resources Tools & resources Tools & Resources
Dedicated Tactician Dedicated Tactician Premium Tactician**
Access to the Tactician pool Access to the Tactician pool Access to the Tactician pool
FREE Team Guidance pack ***

All fees exclusive of GST and charged in AUD

1 TTU = 15 minutes

* Applies to full priced TACTICIAN proprietary products.
** More experienced Tactician who has fewer members.
*** Includes 1 x TACTICIAN diagnostic, 1 x team phone debrief to Team Leader, 4 bonus TTU for Team Leader to be used at any time during the membership.

All memberships subject to MY PERSONAL TACTICIAN Membership Agreement.